The TickTasksApp now has over one thousand active users and we haven’t even launched our mobile apps yet!

The TickTasksApp is currently available via the Site <> and via the web app (PWA) <>. We plan to release mobile apps for Android (by Google and distributors), iOS (by Apple), BlackBerry 10, Sailfish OS (by Jolla and distributors), Windows Phone (by Microsoft and distributors) and KaiOS (by KaiOS Technologies and distributors) as soon as possible.

Want to make your life more simplified and organized? Then go ahead and register on the TickTasksApp!



The, association is proud to announce the launch of the TickTasksApp today; and by the 5th of March 2019 most countries will be able to access the web version of the TickTasksApp!

Here is a simple description of how the TickTasksApp will work and how it can benefit you:

The TickTasksApp’s aim is to make lives more simple and organized. In order to accomplish this goal, the TickTasksApp integrates with other websites and apps in order to organize all your things and place them in one secured, free app. The TickTasksApp will also have its own To-Do list platform called “TickTasks”. And there you have it😉: a simple, organized and annoying ads-free app!