We made a lot of big decisions during our long maintenance break, one of them was to drop the ‘Blue Limelume’ and ‘Limelume PFO.’ names.

We are abandoning ‘Blue Limelume’ and ‘Limelume PFO.’ in favor of ‘,’ or, in full:, ‘, association’.

‘Limelume’ will still remain as an alternative name and ‘Blue Limelume’ may still remain in certain segments of the, association.

Our logo has also been updated and can be found through our social media pages.


As mentioned previously via an e-mail to our users, “Blue Limelume” and “Chceetah Media” were merged in the last twelve months.

Unfortunately, Chceetah Media (“Cheetah Media”) has filed for closure citing a recent lack of funds. Gashed Private IT, Cheetah Company IT, CHC Productions, Blakko and Quavo (all affiliated entities of Chceetah Media) will also face closure citing the same reason.

Fortunately, ‘Gamolia Productions’ and ‘Blue Limelume’ will be spun-off from ‘Chceetah Media’ and, therefore, avoid the closure. The spun-off will be named ‘Limelume PFO.’.

Our websites & blogs will under-go a long-term maintenance after the closure of ‘Chceetah Media’. We will notify all our users via social media once we launch again, hence, we kindly request that you follow @bluelimelume on Facebook and @limelume on Twitter. Till then, take care fans!